Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Spot

First posts are always intimidating. They sorta set the tone for what the whole blog is going to be about and when it first starts out you're not really sure if you want to be funny or serious or about one thing specifically.....

Mine is going to be an amalgamation of the things I find interesting. Basically, I want a spot for it all.

I want a spot to talk about fashion and what I think looks pretty.

I want a spot to discuss the silly and the absurd.

I want a spot to show off my pinterest(ing) (get it? Like interesting but PINteresting????) attempts/fails at crafting. Let's be serious--my crafting abilities are mediocre at BEST.

A spot to show off and brag about my friends and my family. They're so cool. You don't even know...yet!

A spot to discuss how much I'd like to be a better cook and share some recipes--and follow those delicious (often cheesy and bacon smothered) recipes with workout videos that I'll definitely probably do at some point.

And finally, a spot to discuss my love of all things glittery. (This is a phase. Sorry I'm not sorry.)

To start off, let my introduce myself.

My name is Stephanie Anne. I was named after no one in particular and up to this point in my life I have done very little that is out of the ordinary.
Hey! That's me!!
I am in my mid-twenties (mid. MID. Not early anymore...MID!!).

I have an apartment (decorated by myself and my mother who is literally the only person I know who can take something so ugly that it makes babies and grown adults weep and turn it into something befitting a spot in Martha Stewart Living Magazine) and a dog named Rory. I brag about my dog WAY too much for it to be normal.
My furbaby Rory
I am the daughter of Rob and Traci and the sister of Andrew.
(Me, Mom, Andrew {Crybaby Sandwich}, Dad)
I also have friends. Not just any friends. The best friends. The hilarious friends that are depicted on TV sitcoms. You know, the kind where you're sitting on the couch with your bag of baked barbecue lays and you're thinking "Stupid NBC--people like that don't even exist." Except they do. I live with them every day and I love them so much that I want to squeeze them and hug them and punch them in the face all at the same time. I'm also not sure what that even means.
(Top Left: World Traveler Christine and I, Top Right: Backwoods Kyle and I, Bottom Left: Adam (friend for 10 years), Bottom Right: Shel {Button} friend for 16 years)

I'm a teacher. I teach 2nd grade and spend my days with 23 of the sweetest little nuggets the world has ever known. They're so wonderful and funny and frustrating and great. I have a teaching blog, The Quirky Apple, and update it on a semi-regular basis! You should check it out!! *end of shameless plug*

I'm a coffee the most extreme sense of the word. Lorelai Gilmore has nothing on me, baby.

I'm a book enthusiast.

I'm a food and new restaurant explorer.

I'm a singing, dancing, lunatic sometimes.

Hi! I'm Steph.

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