Friday, January 18, 2013

Christine's Last Family Dinner...For Now :)

So one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world (Christine) is moving to Laos. However, this post is not going to focus on that...because I can't focus on that right now. So there. Ehem. Anywho.

Here are some pics from last night's Bon Voyage Dinner for Miss Christine :)

Top Left: A recreation of this picture of Pheobe and Rachel from FRIENDS. Christine and I always said that those two characters were the sitcom version of ourselves. So when we found this picture, it was too perfect to ignore :)

Bottom Left: Christine and Backwoods Kyle

Middle Top: Me, Shel, and Brianne...being silly snots. Long story short, this is a silly pose that way too many people do...we've dubbed it "The Hair and Hip"

Middle Bottom: Kyle and I...seriously, I wonder how I have friends sometimes.

Middle Left: Shel and Kyle being adorable.

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