Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years!

Hi there my friendlies! This New Year's Eve was one of my favorites in recent memory. Granted, I'm only 24 so most of my memories are fairly recent....but still! It was a keeper for sure. That being said, instead of writing a long winded post about NYE, I'm going to do two things:

Numero Uno: Post these funzie pictures of the evening....

Numero Dos: Leave you with my list of "fake" 2013 life goals..... :)

  1. Jazzercise more
  2. Ban the crocs with socks combo in all 50 states
  3. Befriend a tribe of people indigenous to the South American rainforest and teach them how to use a pogo stick.
  4. Wear more pantsuits (I love a pantsuit.)
  5. Take up BASE jumping
  6. Write a poignant, yet hysterical, memoir of my (fictional) life as an ice road trucker.
  7. Build an avant garde hotel out of paper clips, thumb tacks, and a single piece of bubble mint flavored chewing gum.
  8. Teach a sloth to expertly play an organ grinder
  9. Design a line of men's faux fur vests
  10. Acquire a blood diamond
  11. Have a whirlwind adventure aboard a dirigible

Happy New Year, Everyone! And may the odds be ever in your favor. (I'm sorry. I just had to. Couldn't help myself.)

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