Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Week in Pictures: 1/1-1/6

So I decided I wanted to take more pictures as part of my 2013 (for real) New Years Resolutions. Since I don't think promising to post a new-picture-every-day-because-I-set-big-goals seems like a very good (or, let's be honest, attainable) goal, I've decided on a once a week thing. I think I can handle least I hope I can! So here is The Week in Pictures: Installment 1

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

1. Shel and I at our NYE party actin' a fool and being so silly. It was definitely a happy evening to be sure :)

2. Shel and my little brother, Andrew. Andrew has started hanging out with my friends and me on a now semi-regular basis and I LOVE it. He's such a hoot and a half! It's such a weirdo feeling when you realize that your sibling(s) is a real live hilarious human. I'm so glad he and I are becoming closer. Maybe it's just because we're getting older...but basically, he's awesome and I'm glad we've been spending more time together. 

3. Christine took this picture of me at Walmart because I was holding onto the cart like a child. Storytime: When my brother and I were wee little kidlets, our mom always told us to hold onto the cart so we wouldn't get lost (or worse, distracted by the toy aisle...). To this DAY he and I will still hold on to the cart....we may need some sort of intense therapy to break that habit.....

4. Shel and Christine at our first "Family Dinner" of 2013. I love this picture because it's just such a pretty, candid moment between two of my nearest and dearest. Love it to the moon. Also, for family dinner this week I made a Bacon and Ranch Pasta dish.... look for the recipe later this week!

5. Me and Rory being car riding besties! For the record, the car was parked as we had our little impromptu photo shoot....

6. Rory being adorable way too early in the morning

7. Zach and I at family dinner...he wanted to leave early and I had to resort to drastic measures. Dramatic? Moi?? Never. 

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