Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Week in Pictures 1/7-1/13

Week two of our brand new 2013 has come and gone. Here are some of it's finer moments :)

Top Left: Shel and I in Target after we had just eaten so much Chinese food that the restaurant included 4 sets of plastic-ware because it was inconceivable that 2 ladies could eat that. much. food....boy did we prove them wrong!! Who wins now, Dragon Express?!?!....no one. No one wins. Anywho, after that amazing feat of digestive prowess we decided we needed milkshakes so we went to Target. I believe the quote that happened just before we took this picture was, "Shel--let's Jack and Jill this basket."

Bottom Left: Saturday Morning Brunch at Dunkin' Donuts. One of my favorite moments from that morning was Shel comparing my life to a Romantic Comedy (ridiculous by the way) and telling me that now was then moment when I needed to run to the airport to stop someone from getting on a plane to Ghana. I promptly and without words jumped up and ran dramatically from the donut shop. And down the street. I am nothing if not committed to taking things just a little too far... :)

Top Middle: Snuggling with my Momma--you're never too old for that :)

Bottom Middle: Me and Rorypup. We're basically besties. 

Top Right: Saturday night the friendlies and I decided to keep it chill and have a movie night....45 minutes in, all of us wild women were out cold. Photo By Adam.

Middle Right: Shel and Christine chattin' away.

Bottom Right: My little kidlets deep in a science discussion about lilly pads. They worked together so well! I couldn't have been more proud of their cooperative learning skills. 

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