Friday, February 15, 2013

V Day Outfit Funsies

I love Love Day. It's probably my favorite holiday (well, right behind Thanksgiving because--let's be honest--I love food more).

I feel pretty lucky because I get to spend Valentine's Day with my little 2nd grade friends and there's not much better than watching them get excited over V Day. Think about it--how AWESOME was Valentine's Day when you were in grade school? You got valentines from everyone, there was a party, usually some sort of game....yep. That's the good stuff. And now I get to relive it EVERY YEAR!!! Feel free to be jealous :)

My other favorite Valentine's tradition is picking out something fabulous to wear on the big day. I thought this year, I'd share my outfit with ya'll! Wahoo!

Here are the links to what I'm wearing....ya know, if you wanna go out and buy it. We can be twinsies! and that would be cool. Also, props to G-Ma for the impromptu photo shoot :) Love you G!

Grey Scarf: JCrew Factory
Red Coat: JCrew Factory (Last Season). Similar Here
Red Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (Last Season). Similar Here
Navy Polka Dot Skirt: JCrew Factory
White Bubble Necklace: Charming Charlie's (Their Website is
Black Ballet Flats: JCrew Factory


  1. Don't you look adorable?!?! I always seem to strike out at J Crew, but you have inspired me to try and shop there once more. I am so jealous of your V-day outfit! I bet the girls in your class loved the outfit too.


    1. Thanks Maria! JCrew is definitely one of those "hit or miss" places....sometimes I really luck out and sometimes it just bombs big time haha

      Happy Sunday!! :)